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Xalónia 2017

12/05/2018 al 13/05/2018 / Everything that makes us a nice village

Fiesta Program in Alcalalí 2018

22/06/2018 al 01/07/2018 / Alcalalí celebrates its patron saint festivities in honor of San Juan de Mosquera and the Santísimo Cristo de la Salud from June 22 to July 1

X Tot Vall de Pop Fair

01/12/2018 al 09/12/2018 / Gastronomy, traditional shops, accommodations and rural hotels in Vall de Pop.  

Guide Course in Vall de Pop

03/12/2018 al 18/12/2018 / Do you like to be in touch with nature and with the public? Form as a guide with the following course.