Awaken your senses and have a taste of everything! Whether at the bar in the village square or at the best restaurant, here you will taste genuine Mediterranean cuisine.

Among the best known dishes are "espencat" a salad of roast vegetables; the pizza-like "cocas"; the "minxos" savoury pastries; the "pilotes de dacsa" corn flour and meat dumplings; "arròs amb fesols"rice with broad beans; el "arròs amb caragols i naps" rice with snails and turnip; "grinyons" a maize, vegetable and bean stew; "borreta de melva" salted tuna, tomato and sun-dried pepper salad; "putxero amb pilotes" a stew with meatballs; roasted vegetable "mullador" with tuna; and couscous (reminiscent of the emigration to Algeria during the 1950s).

Another unique feature of La Vall cuisine is its sausages, inherited from the Balearic culinary tradition. There are over ten types of different sausage and their presence is most important in some of the traditional dishes such as "arroz al horno"baked rice.

Neither must you miss the chance to taste the almonds, which are an important ingredient in a great many desserts, as well as traditional sweets such as crème caramel, sponge cakes, the little "pastisset" fried cakes, the honey, which conserves the aroma of the spring mountain wild flowers, the raisins, which you will see drying in the sun, or the "mistela", a sweet liqueur typical of the area.



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