Come and discover a thousand stories hidden among the vines, the almond trees and the imposing mountain ranges.

The Vall de Pop is inseparable from the course of the Xalós or Gorgos rivers, which flows through the municipalities of Benigembla, Murla, Parcent and Alcalalí, where the valley widens to find the towns of Xaló, Llíber, Senija and Benissa on the coast.

It is an area full of contrats: imposing mountain ranges such as Cavall Verd, Penyal de Laguar, el Carrascar and the Coll de Rates, la Solana castle and Muntanya Gran, el Ferrer and Bèrnia; winding gorges like those of Malafí, la Murta, Masserof and Passula are among those through which the Xaló river and its contributories flow, valleys bathed in the scent of vines and an abrupt coastline with welcoming coves and dramatic cliffs.

Here, the rhythm of life is still marked by the sun. The belfries, that crown the skyline of every village, ring out each hour and their chimes melt into one. The streets fill with life during the summer nights and the locals take their chairs into the streets to chat outdoors, and in winter, the chimneys are lit once again and fill the villages with their welcoming aroma.

The grape harvest marks the end of summer, autumn reveals the reddish soil hidden beneath the vines during the summer season, in February the great spectacle of the almond trees in flower transforms the winter landscape, and with the arrival of spring, spectacular plant life fills the sierras with scent.

La Vall is home to important heritage for you to discover: the vestiges of the Moorish past, the dry stone architecture, rock shelters with cave paintings, now world heritage, museums, tracks, walks, with hidden secrets and an important culture of wine and gastronomy. Everything necessary to make the traveller's visit a unique experience.