A walk through ... Senija

Senija hides a rich cultural heritage well worth investigating.

Its 18th century Church (1) is built on top an old Arab mosque, and it would seem that some significant remains are still hidden below the new construction.

A walk along the Camí dels Murtalets leads you from Les Bassetes to La Cova de la Garganta, a rocky cave traditionally used as a corral, which was used as a refuge by Tona, a bandit who robbed the traders who entered La Vall via the Camí Vell de València, or old Valencia Road.

Another curiosity is the Verge Negreta Chapel, or Chapel of the Black Virgin, which gets its name from the colour of the image of the Virgin, brought back by a villager from África.

The festivities in honour of the Verge Negreta are held in early August.