A walk through ... Parcent

Parcent is situated on a small hill with wonderful views all around. Its rural landscape consists of orange trees, almond trees, vines and olive trees.

A walk through the village will allow you to discover an old house where Gabriel Miró lived for some time and where he wrote part of the work entitled "Del Vivir". You must visit the Church of the Puríssima Concepció (1) and the Cooperative (2) (a peculiar building that used to house the oil mill) and also take an opportunity to visit the well-preserved washing place.

El Carrascar is a good choice for walking. The mountain is covered in thick vegetation and is inhabited by endemic species of flora and fauna. On the way up to Coll de Rates, enjoy the beautiful views at a viewpoint, and if you ask the people of the village, they'll tell you how to get to the springs Font de la Rompuda and the Font de La Foia, located on the north slope.