A walk through ... Murla

Murla sits in the shelter of Cavall Verd, 285 m above sea level.

The village's most important sites include the Church-Fortress (1) built upon an Arab castle of the reign of Al- Azraq. You can find more Arab vestiges at el Castellet, a crag that conserves the remains of Castell Awraba, an old lookout tower of la Vall de Laguar and la Vall de Retoria.

It is important to mention the La Sang Chapel (2) (Sang is blood in Valencian and the chapel is so named as it stands on the spot of an old hospital) and the Chapel of Sant Sebastià, the oldest in the Region of Valencia.

From Murla you can see the Fontilles Wall, with over 3,500 m built in the 1920s to ensure that leprossy patients at the San Francisco de Borja sanatorium were kept in isolation. The wall's only gate was knocked down in 1964.

But if Murla is known for anything, it is for its love of Valencian style "pilota". At the village there are references to Nel, a great player born in Murla, and on weekend evenings, you can take in a good street match.