A walk through ... Llíber

Llíber is situated beside the river Xaló in the shelter of the Muntanyeta.

The streets of the old town make for a pleasant stroll. Its traditional houses preserve their natural stone façades, their old wooden doors and the enchantment and beauty of the vernacular architecture of the area, closely tied to the country and country life.

Once there, and from the neoclassic style Church of Sant Cosme i Sant Damià (1) it's worth walking as far as El Calvario and take in the magnificent views over La Vall. An agrarian landscape in keeping with the area's traditional products: grapes, raisins, mistela and wine, which depending on the time of the year, will paint the land with shades of red, green or yellow.

From the Llíber - Gata de Gorgos road, following the course of the river, you will come across a small sign indicating the way to Font d'Aixa, where you will find a traditional irrigation pond, and set out on the way to Castell d'Aixa and towards l'Avenc.