A walk through ... Benigembla

Benigembla is located at the foot of Penyal de Laguar, a range whose countryside, nature and heritage are of great value. Its profile is one of the icons of La Vall and here you will find the remains of the Pop Castle, a refuge from the Morisco during the expulsion.

A walk through the village will allow you to discover the peculiar Sindicat building (1), an old agricultural cooperative built in neoclassic style with touches of rococo and French baroque (probably influenced by the emigration to Algeria a the start of the last century).

The Parish Church (2) is also built in neoclassic style (late 18th - early 19th century) although its belfry is baroque. Keep an eye out for the sundial on the church façade.

A most pleasant walk takes you to the washing place along the Camí de la Font (3) with views of el Cavall Verd mountain where you will see several riu-rau constructions and the bed of the Xaló river with its interesting geological outcrops.