Vall de Pop - Ways of stone and water

"This trail links all the municipalities in the Vall de Pop and reveals the importance of the local ethnological heritage - a heritage derived from agricultural and rural architecture and linked to the use of water from the river Xaló or Gorgos.

Some of the most typical features along the way form part of the area's traditional hydraulic architcture, such as wells, cisterns, basins, irrigation channels, waterwheels and watermills.
The trail also takes in various features of the local dry-stone architecture. Typical of the area, this construction technique involves the building of stone walls without any type of mortar. The most stunning examples of dry-stone architecture can be seen in the terraces clinging to even the steepest of hillsides, but it was also used in the construction of wells, corrals, shelters and the like.
The trail mostly follows the river Xaló, which runs through the heart of the Vall de Pop and which has not only shaped the ethnological heritage of the area but is also of great ecological value and has been deemed a Place of Community Interest.


Type of trail: Lineal
Difficulty: Very easy
Steepness: Gentle to very gentle slopes.

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