Parcent - Serra del Carrascar

"The climb to Sierra del Carrascar mountain range in Parcent offers impressive views over La Vall de Pop. The elevation and gradient even allow for paragliding activities on the northern slope.

The vegetation in the mountain range is abundant and diverse, with a good representation of differrent types of Mediterranean scrubland, such as thickets in the driest and most sunbeaten areas, with an abundance of steppes and aulaga. The shady land is home to tangles of sarsaparilla, Mastic specimens and other autochthonous shrubs.
Back in Parcent, you can visit the Cooperative, a unique construction that once accommodated the oil mill and has been reconverted into an oil and wine museum.


Type of route: Circular
Total estimated duration: 6hrs. 15 mins
Total distance: 14,428 m.
Gradient: 741 m.
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult

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