Murla - Penyó Roig

This route climbs up to the summit of the Penyó Roig rock along a well-defined track. Classed as a moderate-difficult climb given the steep gradient, this route is an excellent choice if you appreciate stunning views. The spectacular sights from the summit stretch out over river Xaló, Seguili mountain, the Montgó, the Segaria mountain range, the Sierra del Carrascar mountain range and the sea.

Don't pass up the opportunity to visit Murla, the starting point for this route. The 11th century fortress church is well worth a visit. If you're here on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, don't miss the pilota valenciana match. A spectacular sight that takes place on the street Carrer de Dalt.


Type of route: Lineal
Total estimated duration: 2hrs. 45mins.
Distance (one way): 2,557 m.
Graddient: 500 m.
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult

Download the leaflet of the route

Download the route and the track .GPX from the FEMECV website (cast)