Llíber - Barranc del Cau - Planisses

"This circular route departs from Llíber, crosses La Vall de Pop's trademark landscapes of rolling red lands and vineyards, and finishes at les Planisses, an extremely interesting location noted for its stunning scenery and rich flora.

The route around les Planisses acts as an introduction to one of the best preserved ensembles of dry stone terraces and farming infraestructures that can be visited in La Vall.
Take advantage of the opportunity and visit Llíber's old town, strolling along the streets in the top part of the village that are stil lined by traditional houses with natural stones façades. Xaló and its celebrated wineries also make for a pleasant outing.


Type of route: Circular
Total estimated duration: 4 hrs.
Distance: 9,550 m.
Gradient: 320 m.
Difficulty: Moderate

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