Alcalalí - Coll de Rates

"This route is a great introduction to the cultural heritage and scenary of La Vall de Pop.

Terraces of almond trees, olive trees, orange trees and vines thrive as the route departs from Alcalalí and climbs up to Coll de Rates, a stunning wiewpoint that commands the most spectacular panoramic views over both La Vall de Pop and La Vall de Tàrbena.
On the way back down, the route heads towards Parcent, a village renowned for its Moorish past. Without actually entering the village, the route returns to Alcalalí along the path the residents used in bygone times.
Almost at the end of the route, a small detour leads to Sant Joan Mosquera Chapel (Ermita de Sant Joan Mosquera), a remnant of the Moorish past that heavily influenced La Vall de Pop.


Type of route: Circular
Total estimated duration: 4 hrs.
Total distance: 10,781 m.
Graddient: 383 m.
Difficulty: Moderate

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