The Passport of the Vall de Pop

Do you dare to go all over the Vall and look into its stones and many other things? We invite you to live an adventure in each of the villages that shape the Vall de Pop.

You are in amazing territory and you are invited to discover it.

In this place, every stone hides a story.

Some of them were under the sea millions of years ago. Others were painted by the first human beings who inhabited this valley 8,000 years ago, and maybe later they became part of Arab castles -now invisible- or were used as weapons by pirates and bandits.

You can take it and discover it in:

Tourist Info Benissa

Avda. País Valencià, 97 | 96 573 22 25 |

Tourist Info Vall de Pop (Xaló)

Paseo de la Alameda, s/n | 96 552 85 07|


Good luck!