Riuraus certainly are the element that best identifies the culture of raisins, those beatiful buildings from the late eighteenth century marked the landscape of the Marina. The riuraus from Valencia are emblematic buildings, unique worldwide. Riuraus are considered to be all those buildings built back in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries where people used to turn dry muscat grapes to raisin. Most riuraus have three, four or five eyes (arches), also called "mouths", but there are also very small ones, known as riurauets (Valencian for little riuraus). The most interesting are the big riuraus such as the Gran Riurau del Senyor de Benissadeví in Jesus Pobre, where, each year at the end of August there is a public demonstration of how grapes are scalded.

Scalding is throwing the Muscat grapes into boiling bleach water to dehydrate them. The Valencian riuraus are unique buildings in the world because the Valencian way of dehydrating raisins is very different; in other places, they simply sun-dry the grapes, but in Valencia we scald them in order to cut off their skin and make them dry faster. But the cut skin needs to be preserved from rain and dew to prevent it from blossoming, and this what riuraus were invented for.

Beyond the economic aspects, this activity had multiple social and cultural influences on the region.

Municipalities which belong to the Route:

Benissa: Riurau Canor

Llíber: Riurau Vinya de Vargues y Riurau San José

Parcent: Riurau de Primo (Bodegas Parcent), Riurau de la Solana (Casa rural), Les Quintanes, El Calvari y L'Arenal

Senija: Nucli de Riuraus de la partida de la Senijola

Xaló: Sequerets de pansa de sol

El Poble Nou de Benitatxell: Riurau de la Torra

Gata de Gorgos: Riurau Ca Paleres (La Seranda) y Riurau Cirera

Jesús Pobre: Gran Riurau del Senyor de Benissadeví

La Xara: Riurau Pinella y Riurau Eduardo Martí.

Ondara: Riurau Casa de Ferrando y Riurau de Bosch

Pedreguer: Casa porticada dels Rosers

Teulada-Moraira: Riurau Bancal Roig

Xàbia: Gran Riurau dels Català d’Arnauda


+INFO: www.rutadelsriuraus.es