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Alcalalí festivities

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22/06/2017 al 02/07/2017 /


30 mayo 2017

From June 22nd to July 2nd, the Festival Committee has organized a program full of activities and events for all audiences.

From 14 to 22nd of June 2.017

22:00h. Prayers in honour of the “Santíssim Crist de la Salut”.

Thursday 22nd June

13:00h. Church bells ring and firecrackers to announce the beginning of the fiestas.

22:00h. Potluck dinner in the square (bring your own). There will be wine, sangria and snacks. Dinner entertained by a musical quintet.

Friday 23rd June - Day of “entraeta”

10:00h. 3x3 basketball tournament.

13:00h. Church bell rings.

18:30h. Greasy pole and games on the square. Basketball tournament prizes will be delivered.

20:30h. Mass in the “Sant Joanet” hermitage.

21:00h. Parade by "La Unión Musical, La Primitiva", from Castell de Castells.

21:30h. Collection from Centro Cívico of Festeros, neighbouring mayors and Town Hall officials. Children’s offering to S. Joan de Mosquera.

22:00h. Church entrance of S. Joan de Mosquera through Ravalet Street along the Festeros and officials. On arrival there will be fireworks arranged by the pyrotechnicians Borreda.

23:30h Verbena enlivened by the great orchestra "Titanic" in the town square.

Saturday 24th June – Day in honour of “Sant Joan de Mosquera”

08:00h. Wake up call.

11:00h. Street parade and collection of the Festeros and the officials, accompanied by “La Unión Musical, La Primitiva” from Castell de Castells.

12:00h. Mass sung by the Choir of Alcalalí in honor of our patron Sant Joan. At the end, the Town Hall, has the pleasure to invite all the neighbours to a snack.

14:00h. Paella contest.

18.00 h. Costume parade accompanied by batucada “Colp i Repic” from Xaló.

21:30h. Collection from Centro Cívico, of the Festeros, and Town Hall officials.

22:00h. Solemn procession in honour of “Sant Joan de Mosquera”.

24.00h. Music performance by the great orchestra "La Pato" in the town square.

Sunday 25th June – Day in honour of “Santíssim Crist de la Salut”

08:00h. Wake up call.

11:00h. Street parade, collection of the Festeros with the children carrying the holy bread.

12:00h. Traditional blessing of the bread and Solemn Mass in honour of “Santíssim Crist de la Salut”, sung by the choir of Alcalalí. After the mass, Holy bread will be distributed to everyone around the village.

18:00h Theater "Les tres de la nit" by the group Terato Teatre.

19:00h. Street hand ball game (Pilota) at Nou Street.

21:30h. Collection from Centro Cívico of Festeros, church volunteers, this years’ first communion children and officials from the Town Hall.

22:00h. Procession in honour of “Santíssim Crist de la Salut”.

24:00h. Music performance by the great orchestra "CRASH" in the town square.

Monday 26th June – Children’s Day

8:00h.Wake up call.

12:00h. Mass for the deceased people of Alcalalí.

11:00h. Water games in the municipal swimming pool.

17:00h. Childrens’ playground "Crazy Gymkhana".

20:00h. Traditional cocà in the town square with wine tasting from CVVP of Xaló in the town square, with wine from the CVVP of Xaló. Event enlivened by a musical duo.

NOTE: The Festival Committee reserves the right to modify or discontinue any scheduled event.

Sunday 2nd July

19:00h. Return of the Sant Joan de Mosquera to the “Sant Joan” hermitage accompanied with “dolçaina i tabalet”. The Festeros would like to invite everybody to an afternoon snack.


You can download the program in this link