-7 Grape harvest and gastronomy in the Vall de Pop 2018 - Vall de Pop

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Grape harvest and gastronomy in the Vall de Pop 2018

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01/09/2018 al 30/09/2018 /

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The Association of Tourist Entrepreneurs of the Vall de Pop (ATEVAP) celebrates this month the season of the collection and treading of the grape for the production of wines with a series of activities that are part of the September program of Harvest and Gastronomy. The activities will be developed throughout the month and include the visit to vineyards, the grape harvesting and treading, and the tasting of wines from the main wine-producing area of the region. In addition, the offer is complemented by a campaign to promote the gastronomy of the area and in which the affiliated restaurants participate.

The objective of these days is to publicize the tourist wealth of the Vall de Pop around the important wine activity in this area that starts with the harvest process, as it is known as the collection work of the grape.


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