Llíber - Xaló

"Lineal itinerary with an harmonious landscape that changes from reds, to green or yellows according to the time of year"

The route is located in the Serra del Castell de La Solana; the trail starts in the Plaza Mayor of Llíber, surrounding La Muntanyeta until reaching the Gorgos river crossing, you go up to Les Penyes Negres and Blanques until the intersection with the PR-CV-53.3 with which the route is combined until you reach the ravine of the Serra del Castell from where, in constant unevenness, it descends until the Solana urbanization and from there until arriving at Xaló, near the crossing of the river.


Type of route: Lineal
Total estimated duration: 3 hrs.
Total distance: 7.400 m.
Graddient: 666 m.
Difficulty: Easy

Download the route and the track .GPX from the FEMECV website (cast)

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