Dinner of Cabasset with the Musica Band in Parcent

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Hour: 20:00

Zone: Parcent

13/10/2018 /

The Music Band of Parcent organizes the Sopar de Cabasset next Saturday, October 13 at 8 in the afternoon.

What is the Sopar de Cabasset or "Sobaquillo dinner"?
It is a meal in which many people gather and in which each takes his sandwich, paying what corresponds to each, in a common expense as snacks, salads, drinks, desserts, etc .:

It is necessary to register to have the aperitif, 1 drink, the table and the reserved chairs by calling any of the following numbers
Sara: 650 651 687 | Salva: 650 710 354 | Paula: 606 177 542

During the dinner, there will be bar service with drinks, coffee and sweets

Dinner with the band in Parcent